INTELSECO is a company that offers consulting services in the integrated security field.

We develop projects of integrated analysis of safety and counter competitive intelligence, starting from the evaluation of the internal and external conditions, that may affect the security of your company. We identify existing threats and vulnerabilities and determine their risk level, on the components of Physical Security, IT Security, HR Security.

We develop Integrated Security Procedures at your company level.

We provide competitive intelligence analysis services designed to give advantage to your company. On the market in which it operates, to ensure business continuity. We are dynamic and adapt to the challenges that arise throughout the partnership with you. We are characterized by professionalism, availability, flexibility and privacy.

We attach consultancy in analysis and risk management, we develop and we assist our clients in implementing integrated strategies of the security and we give support in the implementation of some security projects.

We offer consultancy to identify threats and vulnerabilities facing our clients and we establish the level of their risk, on the physical security components, IT security, HR security etc.

We supply the analysis services of the counter-competitive intelligence and to ensure business continuity.

We are dynamic and we easily adapt to the challenges that arise during the course of our partnership. The professional skills are from the intelligence and security area, they are doubled by the moral attributes absolutely necessary in this area, namely: loyalty, trust and confidentiality.


We elaborate risk analysis at physical security, according to law no. 333/2003, regarding protection of objectives, valuables and personal protection.


We evaluate the security of the stored information on non-electronic support, electronic support or digital.


We evaluate your company’s security from the perspective of the procedures applied on the Human Resources component.


Monitoring your company’s position in the market, knowing the competitors for the elaboration of the optimal strategies.


We define and structure the organizational roles in your company. We design exercises and simulations of risk/medical hazard, environmental, terrorist.